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Daniel Cheung

Daniel Cheung serves as “Of Counsel” for Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law. Daniel is licensed to practice law in California and has represented nearly 1,000 clients in immigration cases. He has helped people in their cases for citizenship, green cards, visas, asylum, parole/bond, credible fear interviews, and business immigration in both the USCIS and Immigration Court. Daniel has also written briefs to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Daniel was able to have Orange County’s first successful off-site citizenship oath ceremony, where a federal judge, two court staff, two USICS Officers, and two U.S. Marshalls came out to make his one client a U.S. Citizen. Daniel prides himself as an attorney who is dedicated to his clients and makes quality work product a priority because he understands that is what the USCIS and other immigration offices are looking for in today’s immigration system.

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