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We all know that we can turn to attorneys when us or a loved one finds themselves in a jailhouse or when we need help starting up a budding business venture. But how can an attorney help us when we find ourselves unable to pay the bills due to COVID-19?

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There are several ways an attorney can help during this time.


The first, and possibly most obvious, bankruptcy. Unfortunately, bankruptcy has become a common topic in the news these days and has affected all walks of life, even the 118-year-old retail store, JC Penney.[1] While it is unfortunate that these businesses and people are forced to undergo this emotionally straining process, we are fortunate that our nation’s founding fathers had the foresight to allow Congress to create bankruptcy laws[2] and provide people a fresh start financially. Look for the next informational installment entitled “Bankruptcies” to determine whether filing for bankruptcy might be the right solution to your financial situation.



Next, there are offers-in-compromise. An offer-in-compromise is similar to a settlement agreement with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) regarding your delinquent tax liability. The purpose of an offer-in-compromise is similar to that of bankruptcy in that the IRS or FTB allows you to settle your past tax liability for less than the full amount so you can move forward with your life instead of being bogged down with tax liability. Not everyone qualifies for these offers so be sure to check with an attorney to determine your eligibility. To learn more about offers in compromise, look for the information installment entitled “Offers in Compromise.”

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Personal Injury:

An attorney can help your financial situation by pursuing a personal injury claim. Many people have suffered injuries that are either minor or severe but have not decided to pursue legal action. For many people, this is leaving money on the table which could be used to pay bills that have started to pile up. To learn about the personal injury process, look for the information installment entitled “Personal Injury Lawsuits.”

Modification of Child Support Orders:

If your income has changed due to COVID-19, this could constitute a material change of circumstances justifying a modification of any Child Support Orders. Even if a court date is date is not available for some time, Family Law Requests for Orders are generally retroactive to the date of filing. Meaning your arrears can be recalculated, reducing your past due obligation. To learn more about Modifications of Child Support Orders, look for the information installment entitled “Child Support Orders.”

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Evictions/ Foreclosures:

Tenant Protections have been enacted at City, County, and State levels. If your home has been threatened during this pandemic, you may be entitled to greater protection than you otherwise would.To learn more about Evictions/ Foreclosures, look for the information installment entitled “Evictions/ Foreclosures.”

Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law is offering free consultations to help people determine whether they qualify for any of the above options and offer competitive rates for representation.


[2] US Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4

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