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The purpose of this educational installment is to describe the process of a personal injury lawsuit. Every case is different and therefore, the process described here will likely not match your case exactly. That being the case, this installment will cover the general steps of the personal injury lawsuit process. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an attorney to help navigate the intricacies of the legal process. Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law is offering free initial consultations and competitive rates for representation.

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First Step: Injury

In order for there to be a personal injury lawsuit, you must have suffered some kind of injury to your person. This can be a physical injury or emotional injury or both.

Second Step: Gathering Information

This is a step that is recommended you do before going to an attorney as the attorney will need to know who caused your injuries.

Third Step: Seek Medical Attention

This step may occur before the Second Step depending on the severity of the injury. Be sure to keep receipts of your medical bills and other costs associated with the injury you suffered. This is important as it will be needed by your attorney to help prove the damages you suffered.

Fourth Step: Meet with an Attorney

This is an important step as you are selecting the person who will represent you in court as a zealous advocate. The attorney will ask you a series of questions regarding the events surrounding your injury. Answer each one truthfully and honestly. This information will likely be protected under the attorney-client privilege even if you do not retain the attorney as your legal counsel.

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