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Let Our Legal Professionals Represent You

Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law provides representation in breach of contract and real estate disputes. We have handled multiple matters for breach of contract and real estate, with the payouts being some of the highest seen. Real estate disputes tend to occur when one party involved in the transaction commits a breach of contract, such as when a seller refuses to transfer the title to the buyer, or when a buyer breaks a contract. We at Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law can help you, the wronged party, remedy your situation. Breach of contract cases are often difficult to navigate. Still, you can trust our experienced legal professionals to help ensure you receive proper compensation.

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Our Highlighted Contract & Real Estate Cases

Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law has handled many contract and real estate cases and understands the stakes involved. Every case is different. If the facts of the cases below are similar to your case, it does not mean the results will be identical.

  • Real estate and breach of contract dispute where the opposing party violated the Home Equity Sales Contract Act (HESCA). The matter was brought to arbitration and decided in favor of the client.
  • The client purchased a rental property, and the seller tried to rescind the sale. The case was dismissed, and the client received possession of the property.

We Can Help With Real Estate Matters & Contracts

Thomas Pedersen Attorney at Law has years of experience handling real estate litigation matters and issues with contracts. Our trusted legal professionals take pride in working hard to protect our clients. We work diligently to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. When you are involved in a legal dispute, trust us to handle your case. Our proven track record and many years of experience make us the premier legal team to partner with. Call today for your free consultation.

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